Doors opened for “Una voce per San Marino” festival contest, that gives the possibility to take part in Eurovision 2022. The festival is organized by Media Evolution, helped by the union of San Marino Rtv and the secretariat of the State for Tourism. The partecipation to the festival will be for both, big and emerging artists with no limitation for citizenship and the language choice for the song.

At the Titano Theater from 13 to 19 December and from 3 to 11 January, will be placed an academy for emerging artists enrolled in the contest, considered also as a preliminary casting; During the semifinal and the final in February will be selected 9 emerging artists, that will perform together with the selected 9 big artists, where the jury will announce the winner. The nine big artists will be selected directly by Media Evoluton. Both categories (big and emerging) will choose freely the song for the Final.

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