Luca Biagini – Actor / Dubber / Director Babi Academy – Subject / Subjects Offered: Acting / Dubbing – Classes Offered: One On One / Masterclass / Seminar

He’s an italian actor and has worked both in plays and in musical theatre and in television and cinema.
He’s also a well-known italian dubber.
Here a selection of plays, shows and films played by Luca Biagini.
Theatre: “Otello” by W. Shakespeare, directed by Gabriele Lavia, “ Accademia Ackerman” written and directed by Giancarlo Sepe, “ Parenti terribili “ by Cocteau, directed by Giancarlo Sepe, “Edipo Re” by Sofocle, directed by Giancarlo Sepe, “ Il Drago” by Swarz, directed by Roberto De Simone, “ Ecuba “ by Euripide, directed by Irene Papas, “La Governante” by Brancati, directed by Walter Pagliaro, “ Vestire gli Ignudi” by Pirandello, directed by Walter Manfrè, “ Scacco al duce” written and directed by Pier Francesco Pingitore, “Antigone” by Sofocle, directed by Federico Vigorito, “ La ridicola notte di P.” by Marco Berardi, directed by Federico Vigorito.
Musical Theatre: Operetta “ Scugnizza “ lyrics by C.Lombardo and music by M.Costa, directed by Filippo Crivelli.
Operetta “ Il paese dei campanelli “ by Lombardo e Ranzato , directed by Sandro Massimini, “ L’Acqua Cheta” by Augusto Novelli, directed by Sandro Massimini
Musical Comedy “ La Storia di Zazà” By Sepe and Marcucci, directed by G. Sepe
Musical “ My Fair Lady “ by Frederick Loewe, directed by Massimo Romeo Piparo Role: Professor Higgins, “ Billy Elliot” by Elton John and Lee Hall, directed by Massimo Romeo Piparo Role: Billy’s father
Television: 2005-09: starring as Edoardo Della Rocca in “CENTO VETRINE” (SOAP OPERA)
2009: Starring as Professor Adler in “RIS 5” ( TV SERIES)
20015-17 :Starring as General Fiore in “ SOLO PER AMORE” ( TV SERIES)
20017-18 Co-starring as Annibale Lucchesi in “SACRIFICIO D’AMORE” (TV SERIES)
Cinema: 1997: “ Il più lungo giorno “ directed by Roberto Riviello
1999: “ Un anno in campagna” directed by Marco Di Tillo
1999: “ Il Mistero del cortile” directed by Paolo Poeti
2001: “ L’Uomo del Vento” directed by Paolo Bianchini
2005: “ Per non dimenticarti”directed by Maria Antonia Avati
20019: “La Vacanza” directed by Enrico Iannaccone
Dubbing: he’s the italian voice of : John Malkovich, Colin Firth, Cavin kline, Ugo Weaving, Ed Harris, Michael Keaton, Stanley Tucci, William Hurt, Gabriel Byrne, Bruce Willis, Denzel Washington, Stellan Skarsgard, J.K. Simmons, Hugh Laurie, Bill Nighy, Hugh Bonneville, Kenneth Branagh, Harrison Ford, Rhys Ifans, Jeremy Irons, Christopher Walken and many others.

“Il mio scopo non è insegnarvi a recitare, il mio scopo è aiutarvi a creare un uomo vivo da voi stessi.” (Konstantin Stanislavskij)

Coach Language: Italian


ONE ON ONE LESSON: Il corso verrà incentrato sulla recitazione. Il corso aiuterà a sviluppare e creare il personaggio.


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