Archelao Macrillò – Power Rock Funk

Archelao Macrillo’ – Biografia
International Collaborations (live and recording) : Uli Jon Roth, David Grissom. Band, Andrea Braido, White Pulp, Richard Christ, Kee Marcello (Europe), Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake), Julien Funk, Cereal Hero Killer, Thomas Mester, Dominic and Color me blind, Carlos Ponce, Peter Litvin, Ramzi Khoury, Justina Soto and The Salvation Armaband, Augusto Mancinelli, Last Parade, The Barrens, The Scarfs, PoppaFunk Band, Syndrom Moskow, Avi Amon, Broadway sings Selena , James Hayden, Michele Coacci’s Band, Addison O’Donnell.

Collaborations (live and recording) : Deviazioni, Area X, Voodoo Wilds, Michele Coacci, Marco Coacci, Martina Jozwiak, Andrea Baldassari, Funkonero, Luca Bergia (Marlene Kuntz), Marco Parente (C.S.I.), Riccardo Messi, Luxluna, Naked & Famous, Andata e Ritorno, Rocktober Band, Usi e Costumi, Emanuele Evangelista, Sabina Glorio & The Vintage Trio, Augusto Mancinelli, Marco Mariani, Dex, Matteo Frigerio, Mines, Carlo Venanzoni, Filippo Gallo, Tonino Monachesi, Mauro Bruscantini, Giacomo Palazzesi, Antonangelo Giudice, Paolo Paglialunga.
Endorser for: 

Vic-Firth Drumsticks,
Peace Drums,
Ufip Cymbals,
CVL Snare Drums
Stefy Line Bags
Code Drum Heads


Power Rock Funk


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